UAHT Work Calendar 2017 – 2018

Full time employees and 12 month faculty


July 31                                    5 day work week returns

August 9-Faculty                     Faculty PD

August 10                                Faculty PD

August 14                                WOW week starts

August ?                                   TK Campus closed/Staff in Hope for WOW week

August 16-18                           Offices open late for late registration

*August 21                               Classes start

September 4                            Holiday, Labor Day, campus closed

November 20, 21, 22              No classes, campus open, 9-11 month faculty off

November 22                           Work day. Campus closed

November 23, 24                    Thanksgiving Holiday. Campus closed

December 8                             End of semester meeting 3-5pm

December 15                           Final Grades Due by noon. Last Day for faculty

December 18, 19, 20              Work day. Campus open. Departmental coverage needed

December 21                           Employee work day. Campus closed

December 22-Jan1                  Holiday, campus closed: C & Eve, B’day, Vet Day, NY, plus 2 mandatory employee leave days

January 2                                Campus Open

January 3                                Faculty back

January 8, 9                            Offices open late for late registration

*January 10                             Classes begin

January 15                              Holiday MLK Campus closed

March 19-21                            No classes. Campus open.

March 22                                 Campus closed workday

March 23                                 Campus closed for spring break (Presidents Day)

May 4                                       End of year luncheon

May 8                                       Graduation

May 14                                     4 Day work week begins

May 28                                     Holiday. Memorial Day. College closed

July 4                                       Holiday. Independence Day. College closed

July 30                                     5 day work week returns

*This calendar meets the University of Arkansas System Policy 435.1